Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Our Little Teenager

Lara has skipped ages 1 through to 14 and is showing some traits of your average teenager now - sleeping a lot and eating us out of house and home (oh, and going to the pub quite a bit recently!). Luckily that's all, there are no real temper tantrums, or staying out all night or suchlike.
Since just before Christmas Lara has taken to falling asleep without much help from us, around 7.30, and not waking till 7.30 in the morning. In fact there have been days where we've had to go and wake her up for nursery! She still stirs in the night, especially as she still has a cough (like the rest of us!), but we haven't had to to into her room at night for nearly two weeks now. Long may it continue!
And now she has started eating like a horse, too. We noticed it when we were up at my Mum & Dad's for Christmas, that she ate everything we offered her, at least everything that was on a spoon. She did really like helping herself to turkey, carrots, and sausages, but potatoes and sprouts were tried then chucked away. This has continued since we got home, I think she's eating at least 50% more each day than she was eating two or three weeks ago. It's a growth spurt, we assume. It's still mostly jar food (Heinz Globe Totters Chicken Paella is a favourite this week) with vegetable nibbles, quiches and bananas, although on top of the turkey at Christmas she tried salmon, and turkey will be back on the menu for New Year's Day.

Whilst we wouldn't say that she has started talking, there are hints that she is starting to understand more. She knows that the noise Mishka makes is "ooooouu-ooooouu", and when asked - in Russian, no less - at Mum & Dad's house, what does Mishka say, she did consciously reply "ooooouu-ooooouu". After spending the whole day with her in our office at work yesterday, I have also worked out that "Edda!" means give me that thing I'm pointing to (it was usually food!)

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