Monday, 20 October 2008

Lara & Mishka, best friends!

I've not seen Lara since I got back from the US, Olga had taken her to nursery already by the time I got home from the airport. One thing I've noticed is how much I want to see Lara, and want her to see me. It's a different feeling from how I miss Olga - I can, and do, talk to Olga regularly on the phone, so that feeling of separation isn't the same. So I bought a very cute little Reindeer doll on the plane (not that Lara's spoilt! The cheerleader dress and the tracksuit are practical things :-) ) and will give that to her when we go to collect her this afternoon.
Olga give me a little fix of Lara though today with these video clips she recorded of Lara playing with Mishka and his toys.

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