Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Weekend with the grandparents

We went up to Radcliffe this weekend to see my mum and dad. The weather did its best to keep us indoors, doing its usual thing of windy and / or wet on Saturday and Sunday, then lovely on Monday, just as we were coming home.
Lara showed off her eating ability, she's definitely eating more than before from jars. Being (almost) in Lancashire, she had to have Lancashire Hot Pot, and that went down well, but not as quickly as her Mango Surprise dessert, which seems to be Number One Jar at the moment. She does also polish off the odd boiled carrot stick, courgette, strawberry and raspberries for good measure.
I've put some photos in the New Photos bit on the left of the blog, and here's a little video of her enjoying Hot Pot - I know she seems to pull a face after the first mouthful, but see how she comes back for more!

We had some fun and games on the way home - we stopped off at a retail park in Bury, Lara was asleep, so we went in turns to have a look round the shops, with one of us staying with the Lara in the car. I'd left the aircon on (the weather had perked up) and this drained the battery totally flat during the hour or so we were there. A quick call to Mum revealed they had two - yes, two - sets of jump leads, so after checking though the Honda's and Mum's Toyota handbooks, we took deep breaths and connected the plugs in the right order, and the car started first time. The handbooks both warned of "dangers of explosions" so Olga had taken Lara for a stroll to a safe distance from the cars!
Other than that we had an easy drive back, just under 3 and a half hours, and had the BBQ at our house that the weather hadn't let us have at Mum's.

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