Thursday, 24 July 2008

School? Waste of time!

I got an early bus yesterday morning (pretty much on time!) and there were quite a few kids on their way to school in Marlow on it. There was one seat available for me, but a girl had her school bag on it, I politely asked her if I could sit down and she reluctantly relented. Her friends were trying to find out how she was, as she seemed very quiet and sad, despite this being the last day of term. Anyway, once she'd gotten off in Marlow, two lads behind me started talking about her; their chat was something like this:

Boy one: "Anna looks sad, what's up with her?"
Boy two: "Oh, she got dumped."
BO: "Uh, right, OK."
BT: "Yeah, he was from Swindon or summit."
BO: "Where is that?"
BT: "I don't know. Miles away. It's on the coast I think."

These lads were 13 or 14! What are they teaching at school?! It made me wonder if I knew where Swindon was when I was that age, and I probably didn't, but then again I lived oop north, and I knew where Halifax was, or Preston, or Chester, all of which are about the same distance from Bury as Swindon is from Marlow or High Wycombe. Honestly, kids!!
I'm going to make sure Lara always knows where Swindon is - although I might not encourage her ever to go there ;-)

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