Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Cricket update - LGCC

I missed the first league game of the season by being on a Stag Do, but it seems I was surplus to requirements as Littlewick won away from home against Wargrave First XI. Like in county cricket, we get different points depending on the runs we score, the wickets we take, the result of the game and the decision made by the team who won the toss as to whether to bat or bowl. It's complicated, but the bottom line is the maximum points a team can achieve is 30, and Littlewick got 30 in their first match. In recent seasons there haven't been many 30-point wins, I can tell you. So you can imagine the surprise when we won other game on Saturday, achieving 30 points again!
We bowled White Waltham out for 124 in 38 overs - this relatively low score due in no small part to the opposition being without their opening batsman who scored something like 203 on his own against us in their home game last season. I did contribute by catching their new opening batsman out, and I'd love to say it was a diving one-hander down the leg side, but it was about as straight-forward as wicketkeeper's catches get. I was pleased it stuck though as this was the first time I'd put gloves on since the end of last season and I'd arrived late at the Green and had no time for a warm up.
In fairly typical Littlewick style, we struggled to 127-6, although we did have a strong batting line up, so our Captain and best batsman decided to give other people a chance and he batted at 8 rather than 4, which no doubt annoyed White Waltham when he came out to bat with only 13 needed to win. Batting at number six, I managed three runs before being bowled by as good a ball as I can remember getting in all my cricketing years, and I'm not just saying that! Their wicketkeeper called it a "jaffa" at the time, and my batting partner at the other end, who used to be our opening fast bowler, told me later that "it was a damn good ball". For those who care, it pitched on leg stump (the 'keeper told me he was heading down the legside to take it), I played to defend it on that line, it moved off the seam and hit the very top of the off-stump, and this is from a lively medium pacer, not a spinner.
I'm missing this coming Saturday's game at Little Marlow to be at Ollie & Jo's wedding in Devon, so fingers crossed for the weather.

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