Sunday, 27 April 2008

Lack of updates!

I know, I know!! I've not told the story of the camping trip yet, or put the photos up. I will! The jist is that I camped with Mishka in our new tent on last Sunday night, while Olga & Lara stayed in a pub, but then we all camped on the Monday night, without any dramas. The weather was actually lovely, if a little cold in the middle of the night.

What else? The cricket season started for me today, we had an intra-club game at Littlewick Green and the team I was on won, which is a good start to the season.

I'm working in London on Monday and Tuesday of this week, which will keep the blog posts down to a minimum too, but I'm babysitting for Lara on Wednesday afternoon so hopefully I'll get the photos and maybe even a video uploaded then.

Be patient! :-)

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