Monday, 3 March 2008

Remember your driving test?

It seems that Desborough Avenue and Deeds Grove are on one of the routes for the driving test around Wycombe, there was one morning last week when I was passed by at least 3 nervous looking teenagers accompanied by men in their giveaway luminous green jackets. I probably formed part of the test for one of them, as he turned up into Deeds Grove whilst I was waiting with Mishka to cross the road. The words "Hazard Awareness" will leap to mind for anyone who's had to take their driving theory test (so that's Olga, then) or been on a speed awareness course (that'll be me and nameless others!). I did think of loosening Mishka's lead just a little so he might make a sudden move that would give both the examiner and driver a heart attack, but instead I just wished him a silent "Good Luck" as he passed at less than 30 mph. I did feel for one candidate that I saw on another occasion, who pulled up to do their hill start on Deeds Grove. The stop was perfect, and even the start was faultless too, except that they didn't indicate before moving off. Is that a black mark? I'd have thought so, but I'll check with Olga, she's bound to remember.

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