Monday, 3 March 2008

Mishka's new friend

Earlier this week I bumped into another dog-walker on Deeds Grove, and as we shouted a greeting to each other (I'd taken Mishka across the road as he does get excitable around other dogs) we agreed that it would be a good idea to socialise the dogs together, and this lady - Yvonne - had a suitable area in her back garden for this, and that I should bring Mishka around on Sunday morning. I discussed it with Olga, and we agreed it would be a good thing if Mishka could play with another dog regularly, it might make it a bit easier to walk him in places where he's likely to bump into other dogs.
So we took him round to Yvonne's on Sunday morning, and he spent 20 minutes playing with Daisy the 2-year-old Rottweiler. As you might imagine, much of the play was Daisy telling Mishka that she's not that sort of girl, but there was plenty of chasing round in circles and other doggy-type fun. We decided to call a halt to it when we noticed blood coming from Mishka's mouth! It wasn't anything bad, in all the excitement and rough and tumble, he'd bitten his tongue, the poor fella!
Being that little bit older than Mishka, and a good few kilos heavier, Daisy could be a good influence on him, and she's very friendly, and wasn't jumping up at us, so we're hoping to make this a regular thing, Olga & Yvonne can meet up for a cup of tea and the dogs can play for 20 minutes. He will keep trying to romance her but an old fairy liquid bottle with cold water in it might remind him of his manners!

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