Saturday, 8 March 2008

Poor little Mishka

Mishka had a trip to the vet yesterday morning. When I came down to see him at 8.15 it was clear he wasn't a happy puppy, he was looking very sheepish and not his normal bouncy self. I thought he'd perhaps left a little brown message for me somewhere, but I couldn't see (or smell!) it. I let him out into the back garden anyway, in case he was desperate for the loo, but he just went and lay down on the decking, then slowly moved to the garden and just lay down again. I showed Olga and we agreed he should go to the vet straightaway. Olga took him, and while she was stroking him in the waiting room he yelped when she touched his right hip area. The vet diagnosed just a soft tissue injury and after a massage and prescribing some anti-inflammatory painkillers, Mishka came home looking more like his old self. We're not going to take him for long walks for a day or three, but he's booked in for a long grooming session on Tuesday so hopefully he'll be OK for that. We don't know what caused it, although Olga & I did hear a thud followed by Mishka's scurrying paws, so perhaps something fell and scared him, and he pulled a muscle while trying to run away. Our wooden floors downstairs aren't ideal for dogs and he does look like a cartoon character when he tries to run on it. He seems a lot better this morning.

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