Thursday, 13 March 2008

Big News on the Lara Front

I think it's official - Lara slept through the night last night! Since we gave her her cot bed in her own room, the number of hours she'd been sleeping between feeds has increased, apart from Sunday night. However, last night was a definite breakthrough, she finished her evening feed at 9pm, and went to bed. I was due to get up in the night to feed her, and had the baby monitor next to me when we went to bed at 12.30 (another early night!). I was a bit confused when I woke up (from my dream where I was James Bond!!!) and checked the time and saw it was 5.05. I thought I'd not turned the monitor back on when I came back to bed after feeding Lara in the night, and I looked over to check, but it was on... then slowly I realised I'd not got up in the night to feed her! Just as I was working this out, I could hear she was beginning to stir, and I gave it a few minutes to see if she was just gurgling in her sleep, but it was clear she was waking up. I went to get her and she was all happy and smiley, until I got her out of her sleeping bag, when she then decided it was time for breakfast, but given that Olga had been all night without expressing or feeding, she was very ready to do the honours.
So, hopefully this pattern will continue - we'll try putting her to bed at 10pm tonight and see if she can sleep through till 6am, but it's no big deal if she wakes at 4am again, it seems we're all heading in the right direction for uninterrupted sleep soon enough!

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