Tuesday, 11 March 2008

All change at home

The weekend signified a big change at home, as Lara got her own room. Olga & I dismantled our bed and moved up to our old room. We built Lara's new cotbed in the nursery, and in theory this should last her for up to five years. We've decorated the walls with some kiddies posters, and put the rug down that we bought a few weeks ago. All her cuddly toys are on show too, we'd not appreciated how many she had! She'll be spoiled for choice.
It's really nice to have one room at least with some space in it now, and Lara seems to like her new bed. She can spread her arms out now without touching the sides, with her old cot she could get her hands stuck and this would wake her up. After three nights she's had two good ones, where she's gone five or six hours without needing a feed, although on Sunday night she was more restless and I was up at 3am to feed her. It's good for Olga, as she's not sleeping right next to Lara now, so she doesn't feel obliged to check on Lara whenever there's a gurgle or a moan. Most of the time is just Lara making noises in her sleep, and Olga can ignore them now and get more sleep. Lara's still coming to bed with us after 6am, and we've noticed she's started to roll on to her side to sleep without any help from us. Next stop will be rolling right over, so we'd better be sure she doesn't do that in bed.

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