Friday, 18 January 2008

Things I've liked this week

The return of the Milkman
There was a knock at the door on Wednesday evening, and a man from Dairy Crest was there, asking if I would like to have my milk delivered. They're supporting local dairies, so I felt it was a decent thing to do, so we're going to have two pints delivered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Windows Media Center (sorry for the American spelling)
We used the new BBC iPlayer to download the Louis Theroux programme about San Quentin, and watched it last night in the study on the PC we have in there. It's got Windows Media Center on it, and without being too techy, it's really good.

Kevin Keegan going back to Newcastle
I just watched his news conference, and if I was a Newcastle fan, I'd be pretty happy now. Especially if he gets Alan Shearer to become Assistant Manager. I just wish Liverpool had played them twice already, as I think Keegan will get his team really fired up from now on. It'll be fun to watch Newcastle play again like they did when he was there before. So long as Liverpool win 4-3 again, of course.

There are other things, I had lots of things that I liked this week, but at the moment I can't remember the rest! Oh well, if they come back to me I'll post them.

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