Sunday, 17 January 2016

Norquay Race Day 2

Lara had another good day, racing down a different course today. Still nowhere near the podium, but that's not the point, Here's a video of her first run this morning - the girls race down the red course, the boys down the blue course, it's their time that matters, not who crosses the line first, but in this case I hope Lara beat Brady over the line, just to teach over-enthusiastic parents that whooping and hollering don't help!!)
Before the race all the competitors are taken down the course by a coach to inspect it:

Olga took a photo of Lara on the start line, it's a proper, well organised event:

And here she is, halfway down:

I explored a little more of the resort and enjoyed the view from the top of one black run, down to Banff in the distance:

Dan had a busy day - no skiing today but lots of play, and it took it out of him:

After one of the chairlifts broke down, which meant a bit of hike to get back to the lodge, the staff gave skiers a tow behind a skidoo, so who was I to refuse the offer (I might never get another chance - I felt like a baddie in a James Bond movie!)

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