Saturday, 16 January 2016

Lara's Norquay Race, Day One

Lara had her first race day of the season today, at Mount Norquay in Banff.
She really enjoyed it, even if she wasn't going to threaten a podium place. Dan did a bit of skiing too, and his highlight was winning a race against Papa on one of the green runs. I hadn't realised we were racing, I was speeding up to catch up with him, to tell him to slow down, and he took this as a personal slight, and sped up even more to overtake me. I was very concerned this was going to end in a messy way involving the queue of people waiting for the chair lift at the bottom of the run, but Dan put in a rather impressive stop, turned to me and shouted "I won!". That's my boy, but only once I'd forced my heart back down into my chest from my throat area.
Here is a video Olga took of one of Lara's better morning runs, and some photos from the day.

There's more to come on Sunday...

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