Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Lara & the 2022 Winter Olympics??

Lara is progressing steadily with her skiing, she passed Level 3 on Sunday, and starts Level 4 next Sunday.  It's at this level that things can start to get interesting, as she will be learning to turn - so far everything has been about controlling her speed and balance. She's not the fastest in her little group, but she rarely falls over and seems to be in control most of the time. The most important thing is she is still excited about going to lessons, and hopefully as she continues to improve and progress her desire to want to ski more and more will develop. A holiday in Canada in three weeks time can only help that, even if we don't go skiing ourselves we'll certainly go and visit some ski resorts.
Given that it's unlikely we'll be able to ski in Canada, we wanted to give Lara the chance to enjoy another Winter sport that will be easy to participate in, so she is also having ice skating lessons now! She started 3 weeks ago, with one-to-one lessons with an instructor called Kirsty at Altrincham Ice Rink. So far she's had two 30 minute lessons with Kirsty, and one session with Olga in between, just for fun. Much like the skiing, Lara seems to have really taken to it, and was all smiles during and after her first lesson, which was key to seeing if we booked any more lessons. It's all gone so well that she'll have 45 minute lessons from now on with Kirsty until we go on holiday, which should get her to a level where her and Olga can skate together while we're on holiday, which will be lovely.

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