Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Danny's Firsts: Antibiotics, Nursery Time and Teeth

Last week Danny had his first trip to the GP for an illness - he developed a high temperature, and was sick a couple of times, and whilst he showed no other symptons of being poorly, it was enough for the Doc to prescribe antibiotics. This started 3 days before he was due to have his first settling-in session at his new nursery, so we delayed that by 24 hours before we were sure he was on the mend. The antibiotics worked very quickly, bringing him back to his usual self within 48 hours.

So on Thursday last week he had his first settling-in session, an hour with Olga in the baby room with him, and he was a little clingy, which was to be expected. On Friday he had an hour in the room whilst Olga and I filled in a multitude of forms in another room, and he was fine then, and even had some tea and half a pot of yoghurt. This didn't work out quite as hoped, two hours later, back at home, he was covered in a rash. It didn't seem to bother him at all, so we decided to just monitor it, but by Saturday afternoon it seemed to be getting worse, and a blister had formed on his lower back, so Olga called NHS Direct. They reassured us that it didn't sound like it required any emergency treatment, that it was most likely a reaction to the yoghurt, or possibly it was chicken pox! Now we're a few days past that, it's not developed into chicken pox, and it's receded on its own, so we'll assume it was the yoghurt, so we'll keep him off that for a few more months.
On Monday we left him at nursery for an hour, and he was fine, so on Tuesday Lara came with us to drop him off in the morning, before school:

He could have stayed all day there, but we thought half a day would be best, so after his post-lunch nap Olga brought him home. Today he stayed until 4pm, and only slept for 15 minutes during the day, which is a lot less than he would normally have. It didn't appear to affect him, he was happy all day, and just had a 30 minute power-nap once he got home. We'll see what time he wakes up in the morning though!

His other news is his two lower front teeth have arrived!

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