Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter

It's a rather cloudy and dull day here today, and most of us have a cold, including Danny, but Easter eggs were handed out anyway, and Lara - to her credit - hasn't eaten any chocolate yet (it's 10.30am now), but she has tucked into marshmallows.
We decorated some hardboiled eggs yesterday in the Russian style, ready for today:

She has a surprisingly good knowledge of religious topics, and gave us the full story of Easter a few days ago, including about Jesus being put on a cross next to two thieves. We're not religious types, so this teaching must have come from nursery, which is interesting, I only presume the kids there are taught about other religions too. Anyway, here she is with one of her eggs with a Russian church on:

Danny is still growing quickly, and eating well. There's no routine yet, other than him feeding every 2-3 hours when we're just milling around at home, though he does go longer when we're out and about, when he's soothed to sleep by the rocking motion in the pram, car seat or baby bjorn.
He has got Lara's cold now, but other than making feeding a bit slower than normal, it's not bothering him too much.
Despite the rather iffy weather today, we're hoping to go on a simple bike adventure for the first time. I bought my bike last summer, and on Thursday we bought one for Olga too, so we're all ready to go out as a family. I've hooked up a "trail-gator" to my and Lara's bike, so she can ride when she wants, and when she gets bored or tired, we just hook her bike up to mine and I tow her along. If it starts to rain before we set off,
Lara was interested a little in Olga's new bike, but enjoyed the box a lot more:

I can see us abandoning that idea though, and just staying at home all day, watching TV and eating chocolate. So, a normal Easter Sunday :-)
Finally, Happy Birthday to my sister, Catherine, 21 again today!

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