Friday, 16 September 2011

Lara Update

Lara's over her stomach bug now. She still had to sleep much of Wednesday night in bed with me, but she went to nusery yesterday and they said she was fine there, and ate well. Last night she spent the whole night in her own bed, for the first time after 6 nights, although she did wake a few times, and has developed an addiction to warm milk. This is OK just before bed, but is a bit of a pain at 1am, as our microwave is loud enough to wake the neighbours, never mind everyone in our house. Lara has promised not to ask for warm milk in the middle of the night again, unless she's ill. Tonight will be the big test. She did have a go at faking a tummy ache at 1am, when I was initially refusing to get her more warm milk, but she quickly refused the milk of magnesia I offered her to help her with her sore tummy. Funny that... I relented in the end though and got her some milk, but only on the definite promise that this was the last time..

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