Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Francesca's Christening & Birthday party

Ahem, where were we? Yes, that's it, we'd come back from our three-night trip to Scotland on the sleeper. We loved it, and would really like to be able to take two weeks next summer to tour around the area properly.

Since then, there has been social events aplenty. A trip to Reading to see Anton, Becca, Eve and Tess (and to congratulate Mr & Mrs Leary!), and Lara has numerous invitations to birthday parties coming up. At the start of September we went to Marlow for the combined 1st birthday and Christening party for our friends' Ollie & Jo's second daughter, Francesca. It gave us all a rare chance to dress smartly:
Lara enjoyed stuffing her face, and Ollie and Jo had done a great job of putting on some entertainment for the kids, so the parents could relax for a while.
Lara's fondness for animal masks just gets stronger!

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