Friday, 17 June 2011

Daylight Robbery!

When I came home from the gym this morning, the milkman had been and dropped off our usual Friday order - 2 pints of milk, 15 eggs, orange juice and bacon.  I left them on the doorstep as Lara likes to find them and take them to the kitchen, and went in for my shower. 15 minutes later I sent Lara out to the doorstep "to see if the milkman has been", and when we opened the door, the bacon had gone!! You can't really see our doorstep from the road, it's up 15 steps, so I'm still wondering if it was a passing opportunist, or someone who had seen the milkman drop off a bunch of stuff. Luda suggested maybe it was a cat, and Lara has run with this, claiming she saw the cat, he's called Percy and he's pink. 
I'm happy to let her believe Percy nicked our bacon... but it's really annoying!

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