Thursday, 16 June 2011

Jabs, Rain and a Scarecrow

Last Wednesday was a jabby day. Lara had to have her boosters, one jab in each arm, and the little trooper didn't cry, and earned two choccy buttons as a reward from the nurse.  She did cry when we took the plasters off later that day, though. After Lara, it was the boys turn, as they had to have their kennel cough boosters at the vets; this is a nasal spray, and Mishka took offence at me putting him on a table in the vet's room, and he reminded me and the vet what a strong lad he is. Jackson was a different matter, he loved the attention, and had his spray and then a jab as well for good measure to boost one of his vaccines.
Here are a few photos and videos from the past couple of weeks:

With the sunshine and rain we've been having, the veg patch has gone crazy. Lara noticed that our neighbour had a scarecrow in their garden, and so Baba spent some time making one for our garden out of some of Lara's old clothes. In Russian it's called a "Chuchilla" (my phonetic spelling) and she lives in our veg patch now - maybe the only female scarecrow around? The garden is producing a lot of strawberries at the moment, which is no bad thing.

Lara decided on Sunday morning that 5.30am would be a great time to wake up, and although I slowed her down a bit, we were still downstairs having breakfast at 6.30am, which is much earlier than normal. It gave me time to write up our latest cricket match though, before Lara and I decided it had been a long time since we'd taken her bike to the park. The weather was terrible, cold, windy and wet, but that just meant that we had the whole playground to ourselves. Then we went shopping, and Lara got a nurses outfit and a cheerleaders outfit, complete with pom-poms, which worked out well, as she uses similar ones at gymanstics and so is deslighted to be able to practise with them at home. She was able to wear her nurses outfit when we got home from the shops as we went round to visit one of her nursery friends who is poorly with chickenpox at the moment, and Lara tried very hard to make Zoe feel better, taking her temperature and listening to her heartbeat.

Olga is away in Kazakhstan for another week; we've worked out that the best time for a skype call is while Lara is having her tea, given the five hour time difference.

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