Thursday, 2 September 2010

Dr Lara

More on the funny things Lara comes out with. This morning Olga was feeling under the weather with a cold, and when I told Lara this, she went up to Olga and said "Mama, are you sick? You should have some syrup if you're sick." Syrup is what we call nurofen and tixylix, and the concern in Lara's voice was just so touching. She seems to be very caring about others - one of the mums at nursery, who works here in our office with us, said she saw Lara and her friend Sophie running around a corner on the way to the toilets, and Lara knocked Sophie over by accident, but seemed really concerned about her, helping to pick Sophie up and asking "Are you OK? Are you OK?".
This week is Lara's last in the "Dolphins" room, from next week she'll move to the next room up - "Sealions". She's already been spending some time in there over the past few weeks, and doesn't seem phased by it, but the change from her keyworker of the past year or more, Emma, to her new keyworker, Catherine, might be a bit of a trauma. Recently Lara's wanted to take new toys to nursery "to show to Emma", so she's become quite attached.  Perhaps this change in one of the regular people in her life might be good practice for when Baba Luda leaves in a few weeks, which will be another shock to Lara, I'm sure.

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