Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Chatty Lara in English and Russian

Lara's language skills are coming on in leaps and bounds, and just so we note down things she says that make us laugh, we thought we'd record them here.
She made us laugh on the train yesterday on the way into London..
the train goes into a tunnel, Lara's looking out of the window: "Oooooohh, where's the sky gone?"

Another train passes ours, and Lara pulls a scared face and draws her hands up to her cheeks: "I'm scared of the choo-choo!" Then burst into a big, cheesy smile - she was only joking.

Then, in the aquarium, it's about 2pm, we're halfway around the tour and when asked if she wants to see whatever's next on the little map: "No, Mama, I'm finished. It's lunchtime."

Earlier in the weekend she rattled off a sentence in reply to something Baba said to her, and Olga giggled, and I had to get it translated; it seems Lara had said, in perfect Russian, "We'll go for a walk, but we'll not play". Olga reports that Lara's Russian is very good, and whilst she speaks more in English, she obviously understands what Baba is saying to her, and can reply. Today when Olga and I came home from work, Lara and Baba were playing in the lounge, but Lara shouted to Olga "We're working" in Russian, so good that even I could understand it. She seems to know that she needs to talk to me in English, although sometimes she does say things in Russian, but my puzzled look seems to remind her to say it in English too. Tonight she said goodnight to Baba in both Russian and English.

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