Thursday, 15 July 2010

Happy Anniversary Us

It's our busy party week this week, with it being my birthday on Tuesday and our fourth wedding anniversary today. We're off out for a meal as soon as Lara has settled down - it's Spanish tonight, given their World Cup success.

Lara has been spending some time today in the next class up at nursery, she'll be moving up properly in September, about the time that she'll go back to nursery 5 days a week once Luda has gone home.  She was quiet to start with, but after five minutes she settled right in, and once the dancing starting, they couldn't stop her, she was bustin' some moves and cuttin' some shapes, I believe the terms are.  Potty training is still going well, with more days of her having no accidents than days with them. She even asked one of the nursery helpers for a book to read today during one potty trip. Can't think who taught her that one!?! ;-)
Well, she's quiet now, so time to go and put my posh dinner clothes on.

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