Sunday, 11 July 2010

Come on Holland!

I'm cheering on Holland tonight, they're the underdogs, we had a lovely holiday in Holland in June (although we also went to Spain!!), and I've got a Dutch friend who's not very well at the moment, so I'm cheering them on for him.
I've decided to settle on ITV's coverage for the build up, I like Adrian Chiles' cheeky approach, but for the game itself, I'll be watching BBC but switching the commentary to the Radio FiveLive audio, as I like Alan Green's no-nonsense attitude.

PS - oh well, never mind, the better team won, and I'll not blame Howard Webb, if he'd sent off two Dutch players in the first half he'd have been slaughtered for ruining the Final, although the de Jong karate kick probably should have been red..

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