Tuesday, 30 March 2010

UK Ketchup Lake

Luda arrived safely this morning, and was waiting for us in the Arrivals Hall at Heathrow. It seems that these days visitors are made to jump through many more hoops (and incur more costs!) before their visa is issued, but the silver lining is that the immigration process at the UK airport is much quicker, as many of the checks tha used to be made then have already been made before the visa was issued. We deposited Luda at home at lunchtime so she could have a well-earned nap, given that she'd been awake all night at Ekaterinburg airport waiting for her 7am flight to Moscow. We've a large delivery coming from Tesco tonight, including six - yes, six - large bottles of Heinz ketchup. Russians love it on most things, and are not shy in squirting enough for a family of four onto their plate, half of which usually ends up down the plughole later. Luckily Tesco were doing a very good deal, a pound a bottle, so I have stocked up. We'll see how long it lasts. As a nod to a healthy lifestyle, I did opt for the Reduced Salt and Sugar variety, though...
It's time to go and get Lara now and spring the surprise on her. We've been telling her for days that Baba is coming to visit, but I don't think the penny has quite dropped yet.

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