Sunday, 28 March 2010

The build up continues

Free HTML Countdown This weekend has been mostly spent getting the spare room ready for Luda's arrival on Tuesday. I've always been a great one for keeping things, including old wardrobes and a dismantled double bed. They've been living in the garage for, well, a while, but now they've been cleaned and they have all been restored to their rightful place. Everyone is still suffering with a cold, it's getting boring now. It's been three weeks for Lara, two for me and one for Olga. Hopefully the switch to BST will have a psychosomatic effect and we'll all instantly feel better! Despite remembering about the time change last night, we still forgot to change the clocks before bed. The clock in our bedroom is one of these radio-controlled things, so it changed automatically, making me think Lara was having a lie-in by getting me up at 8.20am, but as far as she was concerned it was 7.20. It was nice though when it was still nice and light at 7pm. Our usual pub retreat in High Wycombe - The Litten Tree - has been transformed into a Yates'. We didn't know this was going to happen, and only read about it in the local paper this week. We decided to check it out today, to make sure they still had the same child-friendly policy (they do) and good deals on food. The food was excellent, with a huge "child's" portion of jacket potato and beans for Lara, which would have been considered a normal main course in many places. She also got complimentary carrot and cucumber batons to nibble on whilst waiting for the food to arrive, and as a treat she had ice-cream for dessert while Olga & I shared a warmed blueberry muffin. OK, so I ate much of Lara's potato and ice-cream, but it was really nice.

Lara's talking in full sentences more frequently now. She came out with one earlier this week that made me laugh. We were coming downstairs one morning, and usually I'll hold one of her hands and she'll hold the bannister with the other, and after I asked if she wanted my help in coming downstairs, she replied "No, Papa, I don't want help, I'm a big girl".
So, one more day to go before things change around here...

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