Friday, 22 January 2010

The Eagles have Landed

Everyone has arrived safely in Ekaterinburg.  I had a call from Olga at Helsinki, while Lara was playing in a special children's play area in the terminal; apparently she was being the Commissionaire, opening and closing the entry gate for the other children. She had been fine on the flight, making sure she shouted hello to everyone through the window, and waving. She waves at the planes as they fly over our house into Wycombe Air Park, so we said she needed to wave at all the planes she saw. Waving and shouting hello to the baggage handlers was just her own addition.
We thought she might want to get up and run about a lot, but this wasn't the case at all. She didn't sleep on the first flight, of course, but was mostly kept amused by her Colour Doodle etch-a-scetch that we'd got her for Christmas, specifically for times like this.
They were a few minutes early into Helsinki, and had a 3 hour wait there, a little longer than scheduled as there was a 25 minute delay in departing. A top tip for next time - buy extra wine on the flight and pay 5 euros per little bottle, rather than waiting until you get to Helsinki airport, where it's 10 euros...
I had a text waiting for me this morning, to say they'd arrived OK in Ekaterinburg, Lara had been fine, and slept for the last hour of the flight. They were 30 minutes late, but most importantly, there don't seem to have been any crises. In UK times, that meant they landed about 1.15am, so Lara didn't go to sleep until midnight, as far as her body was concerned, so she might be having a lie in this morning!
The big thing on the agenda today is an interview for Olga's mum at the British Consulate to apply for a 10-year visitor's visa. Let's hope it's just a formality.

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