Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Everyone's on their travels

There's more travel on the horizon for everyone - I'm going back to Dhaka a week on Saturday for 5 days, then a couple of days later we're all off down to Devon for 5 days of relaxation. Then we'll go up to Radcliffe to see Grandma and Granddad for Christmas.  Then in the second half of January Lara is going on her fourth foreign holiday! Not bad for a two year old... Olga will take her to see her mum in Russia for 10 days, and Lucy is going too. We found some good flights on Finnair via Helsinki to Ekaterinburg, seeing as no UK airline flies there direct anymore :-( It says something about Russian airlines that Russians who have a choice won't fly on them! Aeroflot might just about be OK as a last resort, but the likes of Transaero just worry Olga too much to take Lara on their planes.
I'm excited about Lara going to Russia in winter, and I'm not even going! There are little things I'd not thought of, like Olga's not going to take the pram, as they won't be outside too much in the very cold temperatures of western Siberia in Winter, plus it will be too hard to push the pram through the snow, not too mention that the metal on the pram would be so cold that it would pose a danger to Lara if she touched it without her gloves on!. If they do go out, they'll borrow a sledge and pull Lara along on that (it's how it's done!!).
Somehow another 5 days in Dhaka doesn't seem to compare very favourably :-( !

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