Tuesday, 17 November 2009

A Clean House and a Naughty Child

The house is almost spotless now, Olga wants a dust-free environment before she comes home tomorrow with her bionic eyes. I'm on nursing duty, although we're killing two birds with one stone, and I'm having a dental check-up at the same time as Olga's treatment (it's one of those optical / dental places!) so I might be more of a nervous wreck that Olga tomorrow morning.
The staff at Lara's nursery reported today that she had to be "sat out" from some of their activities because she was misbehaving and not responding when asked to stop! The little madam! I can believe it though, we do think she's very independent and confident, we could see this this weekend when we're out and about, she's not afraid to head off on her own. I guess this is normal toddler behaviour, and I'm sure it'll only get worse as we head into the "terrible twos". Also, on Friday last week, and yesterday and today, Lara hasn't had a sleep at lunchtime at nursery. The staff have spent half an hour trying to convince her it's naptime, but she's not agreed with them. We're not bothered about that, it does seem to make her a bit more grumpy at teatime, but it's even easier than usual to get her off to sleep, so I think we're happy for her to drop her daytime nap completely now. She's still sleeping for 12 hours without waking, and although she's stirring when we're moving around in the mornings, she's happy to doze until we come into get her up around 7.15am.

Here she is wrestling her new IKEA crocodile this morning - the croc never stood a chance!

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