Monday, 14 September 2009

A holiday booked well in advance - a miracle

Normally when I book our UK breaks, they're last minute things, like our cottage in Wales in March, booked on eBay. However, we liked The Lodge that we stayed at in Devon last November so much that I've booked us a 4-night break there in December. We'll be there for Lara's 2nd birthday, which removes the pressure of thinking if we should make any special effort for it. We'll make an extra-special fuss of her on the 10th, but we don't think a party will be necessary, she won't know it's her birthday, after all.
Just for a trip down memory lane, I had a look at the photos and videos from our trip there last year, it's amazing how far Lara's come in 10 months. Here they are..

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