Thursday, 17 September 2009

Duvet Days

Olga decided on Monday that Lara could try sleeping under her duvet rather in her sleeping bag, as she's done since she's been sleeping in her cot, so quite a big day. We found that we had to check on Lara a couple more times than before in the evening, before Lara got off to a deep sleep, because if she woke she could get up and walk about in her cot. However, once she fell into a deep sleep, that was it for the first two nights, she slept through until nearly 7am on Tuesday and Wednesday. Last night she wasn't quite so good, waking twice in the night, but each time she only needed a few minutes of soothing before going back to sleep. All in all it's gone better than I thought it would. Famous Last Words!

Jackson is coming on fine, he seems to be walking almost normally on his poorly leg. He'll be seeing the vet tomorrow to have his dressing changed, so we'll get a professional opinion then. He'll get spoilt rotten over the weekend, as Lucy is coming over to look after him and Mishka while Olga, Lara & I attend a friend's wedding in Rugby.

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