Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Happy Birthday Olga

Yep, Olga was 21 again yesterday. A shame that work commitments meant she was having to give a training course in London and couldn't enjoy a lie-in followed by a lazy day in the office, buying people drinks in the pub, as would be normal behaviour for a Tigress employee.
We did most of the present-handing-over just after midnight on Monday evening, as there wouldn't be time on Tuesday morning - this week, with Olga working in London, we're having to get up at the unearthly hour of 6am, to be ready to leave by 7.30. Lara does her bit though, and so far she's waiting until 6.45ish before waking, although she was only just stirring when I went in this morning just after 7. Lara had made a birthday card on Monday at nursery, so she handed that over on Tuesday morning. The main celebration was saved until Lara had gone to bed last 3night, when the bottle of Champagne from Lucy & Sergei was opened and I got busy in the kitchen. When asked what she would like for dinner on her birthday, the answer had been "hmmm, seafood", which is what she got, and loads of it. A starter of mussels in a white wine and garlic sauce and oysters followed by Wild Canadian Scallops in Papa's Special Beer Batter (I can be creative sometimes), then a main course of trout stuffed with couscous. It was too late and we were both too tired for the dessert of strawberries and cream, so we'll have that tonight instead :-)


Chris R. said...

Are you saying you made that feast or bought it?! If it is the latter, I'm very impressed and we'll be inviting ourselves round for dinner some time very soon!

Chris said...

Ah, a bit of both :-) I certainly made the Beer Batter, and made up the menu myself. Once we tidy the house, you'll be welcome!