Wednesday, 23 September 2009

A fun weekend

We had a lovely time at our friends' wedding at the weekend. Everything took place in one hotel, which made life easier regarding Lara. The weather played its part, being lovely and sunny.  As usual in hotels, it took Lara longer to get off to sleep in the evenings, as she was excited about the new room, but once she was asleep, that was pretty much it, only needing a drink of water around midnight on the Friday night and not really waking on Saturday night, even when we came in well after 1am.
Lara contributed to the service by shouting a loud "yayyyy" at just the right moment at the end of the ceremony, and later had fun with her meal, and in particular enjoyed licking the chocolate off Olga's profiteroles during dessert, giving herself an amusing goatee:

On Sunday morning we went for a swim in tbe hotel pool. Lara was happy to get in the water straight away, but she took some coaxing to enjoy herself while we pulled her along in the water. We had a family treat on the way home when we stopped at McDonalds, Lara does enjoy her fish fingers and fries from there, and Olga and I certainly enjoyed (and needed!) the quarter-pounders.

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