Sunday, 27 September 2009

Another Personal Best

I don't know what we're giving Lara, but if we could bottle it and sell it, we'd be millionaires. This morning it was 9.34 before Lara woke and asked for Mama. Yes, 9.34! And this was without waking in the night, or at least without waking and making a fuss that woke us up via the monitor.
She went all day yesterday without a daytime nap, but given that she'd only woken at just after 9, we were OK about that. She did seem tired during the afternoon, but by the time we got home from Marlow, it was 6pm and made more sense to just give her a bath and put her to bed as normal.  All we've changed in the past few weeks is to do away with her sleeping bag and give her a duvet, which I doubt she even sleeps under, as she kicks it off when I put her to bed. Also we've put her a sleepsuit rather than pajamas, so maybe she stays at a more comfortable temperature during the night now. Whatever the reason, we're delighted!
This afternoon was spent tidying up in the garden, Olga cleared the veg patch, and I mowed the lawns, for the last time this year I hope! I felt like the Oscar Schindler of the frog world, I moved half a dozen juveniles to safety before powering up the mower. I should have shown them to Lara so she could give them her best "ribbet", but she was busy in her sand pit on the decking.
I hope this post won't come back and bite me - Lara might wake at 6am tomorrow and scream the place down, but we hope not!

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