Sunday, 27 September 2009

Affectionate Pets

We had a new and very pleasant experience last night while watching TV. Mishka, whilst being very cute and lots of bouncy fun, has never been particularly affectionate towards us in terms of sitting on the sofa and letting us stroke him. Normally he'll clear off the sofa when we come and sit down, which I guess would be considered to be good canine manners. But sometimes we'd like him to act like a big cat and cuddle up with us. Jackson has been the opposite, he loves being stroked while relaxing with us on the sofa, and last night I think Mishka got jealous, as when Olga was stroking Jacko, Mishka came up and sat between Olga and I, then lay down on me, and was happy to let me pull his ears and tickle his tum. He's been the same tonight, so maybe now we'll have two affectionate boys who'll get off the sofa when we tell them to, but will be happy to snuggle up with us when we let them.
Here are a couple of photos, Jackson was looking soooooo cute that I just had to take some!

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