Tuesday, 11 August 2009

First Full Day on Holiday

Here are the first photos and video Olga has sent back from Cyprus. Contrary to the BBC weather forecast (heavy showers but hot) you can see the weather is typical Mediterranean in August, hot and blue skies.

That second photo, and this video, remind me of a photo I remember seeing from a holiday to Spain when I must have been a similar age to Lara, being led into the sea, and I don't think I was anywhere near as happy about it as Lara. Mum, can you confirm this!?!

Lara took some time to get off to sleep last night; the whole trip, and the new surroundings, were all a bit too exciting for her, plus she has to get used to only Olga being there, rather than both of us. As adults we'd take that for granted, but this is the first time Lara will have been in unfamiliar surroundings without both of us, and it doesn't help her get off to sleep. In the end she slept with Olga on a mattress on the floor last night, and mostly likely she'll do that again tonight. We reckon that in a couple of days she will have relaxed enough to sleep in the cot that our friends have provided. Once she's got off to sleep, she's fine and slept through last night as usual until 7.30 (OK, that would be 5.30 for her body clock!) when the room got light.
During the day she's been absolutely fine, and we were both pleased to see that she doesn't seem to be afraid of the sea. She did drink some seawater today, but I don't see how we can prevent her from doing that without physically restraining her when she's in the water! Any ideas, anyone!!?
Well, I can hear the boys playing downstairs, and it's time to put Jackson to bed, then myself!

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