Thursday, 2 July 2009

Lara's latest

Lara is over her cold now; it's almost funny to look back now at how concerned we got when she was only a few months old, and her colds would last for weeks.
Her teeth are definitely coming now, although her bottom ones have accelerated their growth, and there are a molar or two coming through properly on one side. They don't seem to cause her too much discomfort, although she will wake once or twice in the night. This seems to be earlier rather than later, always before 2am, and might be to do with the heat, or the fact that the teething gel we administer (if a cup of water doesn't work) kicks in and soothes her. If she wakes again after teething gel, we'll give her a spoonful of Calpol, and so far *touch wood* that's been enough to get her off to sleep through the night.

She had a great time over the weekend, playing on the decking in the nice weather. It's really handy to have the summerhouse up there, to save us transporting boxes of toys up and back from the house. Here are some photos, and videos will follow as soon as I get them uploaded:

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