Thursday, 2 July 2009

The Eve of the Big Day

Tomorrow is Lucy and Sergei's Big Day, they're getting married at 3.30 at Reading Registry Office - a family tradition, seeing as that's where Olga & I were married, and my sister Catherine and her hubby Nick, too. Olga's only tried on two outfits tonight, although there is plenty of time tomorrow morning for more dress rehersals. We're involved tomorrow beyond just being guests - Olga will "give away" Lucy and be a witness, much as Lucy did for our wedding, and I'm the "official" photographer. My concern tonight is charging up camera batteries and cleaning up memory cards, I'll find something to wear tomorrow morning... men, eh!?
Lara will probably have to try on more dresses tomorrow than Olga... Poor Mishka is being packed off to kennels for the night; he's down in the dumps tonight because he seems to have banged his hip on some furniture this afternoon and is limping around feeling sorry for himself, the poor fella.
The evening reception is at the hotel where Lucy & Sergei work, Wokefield Park, south of Reading. We had to giggle last week when Lucy & Sergei dropped off the wine and vodka for the meal at the hotel bar, and the barman commented "I think you've bought too much". Oh dear, he's not been to a Russian wedding then..

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