Monday, 8 June 2009

No Show without Punch

Mishka didn't want to be left out this weekend, and we felt it was important to devote some time to him, as he was a little neglected last week while Olga was away. Weeks ago we'd arranged to meet some Airedale-owning friends on Sunday morning for a walk in some woods, half an hour north of Wycombe.
After a very wet Saturday, our friend Helena, who had arranged the meeting, decided to postpone it, so save people from a longish drive (some were coming from Suffolk) there and back for a very soggy walk. The thunder that rocked our house in the early hours of Sunday morning backed up Helena's decision, but by 9am things were looking like this out of our study window:

The bad weather seemed to have passed over us now, so we decided we'd go and meet Helena anyway, and as it turned out, the weather was lovely all morning, nice and warm with blue sky and fluffy clouds. Helena brought her Airedale, Rufus, who you might remember came to visit Mishka a month or two ago at our place. Some friends of Helena also came along, with their Airedale, Jansie, and their Welsh Terrier, Norman. Here's a group photo, and one of the "family":

Mishka was very energetic, to put it politely, but the poor fella just wants to play all the time, there's no agression there, just frustration that he's not allowed to go and play with the other dogs. Maybe next year, Mishka!

The walk was at Wendover Woods, near Aylesbury. It seemed like a lovely place, it was a shame that we didn't have more time to stop and enjoy the views, but I'd arranged to pick up a lawnmower I'd won an auction for on eBay, so we had to dash off. We'll go back again soon though and spend the day there. I might even have a try at the Go Ape! elevated climbing assault-course type thing that they have there (Anton knows all about that). Any other takers!!?

And yes, as I mentioned, I've bought a lawnmower, a petrol one, and I can start it without any black magic. It's such a relief!! I've only mown the front lawn so far, but the back garden doesn't know what it's in for during the rest of the summer!! Vvrrrooooooooommmmmmm!

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