Tuesday, 16 June 2009

More teeth on the way

After months of having just her 6 incisors, Lara finally has some more teeth coming through, her upper canines (I think that's what they'll become!). We first suspected in the middle of last week, when Lara was spending much more time with her hand in her mouth. I quick root around with a finger loaded with teething gel confirmed it, although this is a dangerous operation, as Lara loves to invite you to put your finger in her mouth then she bites down on it.
Combining this with the warm weather we've been having has meant Lara has been more restless at night, but so far we've only had to get up once in the night, although this was on Sunday night / Monday morning, when Olga & I had taken advantage of Lucy being around to babysit, and we'd gone to the pub. Lara needed a drink of water at 4am, then at just after 6am she decided to scream the place down until I got up and very wearily went through the motions of the morning routine, but after getting her out of the cot and giving her a yoghurt, she calmed right back down, and by 7am or so the two of us were asleep on the nursery floor until Olga came to wake us at 8.30! Olga had to give Lara some calpol last night, but this was before only around 10.30, and then Lara slept perfectly through the night as usual, waking right on time as Olga was just finishing in the bathroom this morning.

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