Sunday, 14 September 2008

Subject to a curfew!

Assuming I still go to Houston this week, I'll be subject to a 2100-0600 curfew! The hotel I'm staying in is a Drury Inn, for those that know them, and being forced to stay in one during the evenings is not considered a bonus. There is a good bar/restaurant right next door, but even if I take my chances and get in there before 2100, there's no guarantee it'll be open because there'll be no other customers and probably no power. Then I'd run the risk of being arrested while covering the 50 yards or so between the door of the bar and the entrance to the hotel.. it's like a Hollywood film!
Oh, and if that's not enough, that "retarded cowboy fella", Dubya, as Russell Brand so elegantly called him, is visiting Texas on Tuesday, which might mess my flight about.

Here's the full story.

The three of us are still suffering at home, we hope Lara's getting better. We're planning to take her to nursery tomorrow anyway. Both her and I were just about well enough to go to the local pub yesterday afternoon to watch Liverpool finally beat ManUre at Anfield. Hoorah!!

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