Monday, 15 September 2008

The Pressure's Off

At the last minute, the powers that be have decided to postpone my trip to Houston; it could have been shorter notice, but not by much. I cancelled my 11.15am flight at 10pm tonight. We lose the money on it (usual story - non-refundable tickets!) but the logistics out there are a nightmare. I might have been able to get to Houston Airport, but I might have been stuck there as there's no guarantee the limo firm picking me up would have petrol, as the refineries are flooded and the gas stations have no power. I called my hotel to cancel my room and they told me they aren't accepting guests anyway (this is contrary to what I was told by a Geotrace contact this afternoon...). So, I can relax for a few days; although this was going to be a brief trip, it was going to be a very tough one, making a presentation to a customer and I've not written the presentation yet. Always leaving work till the last second....
Anyway, after a few late nights (I'm writing this in the office!) I'm now going to go and relax. And blow my nose.

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