Friday, 15 August 2008

Non-Lara updates

What else is happening Chez Armstrong? Well, I'm having physio on my sore back. It is getting better, slowly, and it seems like there's no great structural damage, it's a strain that's inflaming muscles tissues and I'm doing exercises to reactivate muscles which have switched off, apparently. What I've noticed is that I can tie my showlaces and get out of our car without making the kind of noises that should only be heard at Camp X-ray.  This is just as well, as on Sunday I've got another economy class flight, only 5 hours this time, to Cairo.  It could be an interesting one, though, as usually when I make this trip the customer arranges for me to be met at the airport, shepherded through immigration and into a nice car, and taken to a lovely Nile-side hotel where there's an Executive Level bedroom awaiting me.  However, I've not received confirmation of such treatment for this visit yet... and Friday and Saturday is weekend in Egypt. I'm just hoping there'll be an email waiting for me on Sunday morning when I wake up!  If not then the corporate American Express card will take yet another battering, it needs some physiotherapy of its own just now after the treatment I gave in Houston last week.  Let's just say I had to cancel one flight and book another that took me from Houston to Amsterdam, then the ticket had me going onto Frankfurt, but I didn't take that flight, but bought a one-wy ticket from Amsterdam to Heathrow. This has upset Continental Airlines (who sold me the ticket) because I have changed my journey by not going to Frankfurt (I did tell them before I left Houston that I wouldn't be using my seat on that plane!) and it will upset BA, with whom I'm supposed to be flying from Frankfurt next month to Heathrow en-route to Houston.  As I'm not going to be in Frankfurt, I'm only going to use the Heathrow - Houston part of that journey too.... confused?! All this because our company is too cheap to buy fully flexible air tickets and Tropical Storm Eduoard closed the client's office for a day and delayed my return home by 24 hours.
Anyway, I'll be in Cairo from Sunday then I'm returning home on Thursday evening (have bought changeable air tickets this time as the customer is paying for them! If I finish early I might be able to come home on Wednesday). Olga is happy that she can cope with Mishka and Lara again.  Lucy and Sergei might come round but Lucy is now working as a waitress at the hotel where Sergei is a security guard, in Reading.  She has finished her au-pair job, and moved her stuff into Sergei's flat... watch this space for updates! Plans are being made to extend her student visa for another year, as she would like to continue studying at the language school in Reading.
Mishka had his quarterly trip to the salon yesterday, and is back to looking more like a Airedale Terrier than a fluffy kid's teddy bear. He is ever-so-slightly calming down in his behaviour, I reckon he's gone from 95% manic when visitors come to 90%. It's all progress though. He's almost sedate when I take him for walks now, although I still don't let him off the lead very much, which is a shame for him, but he just wouldn't listen to commands if another dog invites him to go and play, and I don't want to have to chase after him for miles.  We'll be taking him to the vet soon for a check-up, and to give him a kennel cough vaccine. We've got a friend's wedding on 6th September, and our usual dog-sitter Lucy will almost certainly be working, so we'll probably put him in kennels for the weekend. It would help him to socialise with other dogs too for a couple of days, but he needs this vaccine before he's allowed to stay in kennels.
The internet is down in our office at the moment, which is why I've had time to write such long posts, sorry about that! I've not brought our camera in today, otherwise I would have posted up some photos Olga took in Bournemouth on Monday, and at Wednesday's post-natal meeting.  Seeing as it's lunchtime on Friday, and the internet is down, and I've pretty much done the important things here that need to be done that don't require internet access, I think I'll wander round the office and see who wants to make the most of the rare sunshine we're enjoying tofday and go to the pub!  Oh, it's payday too so I might even treat myself to a pub lunch :-)

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