Friday, 15 August 2008

Lara Update

It's been three weeks since Lara's last weight-in, and as of yesterday she was 17lbs 10oz, which is still on the 50th percentile, but only an increase of 6oz in the last three weeks.  The health visitor isn't concerned, so nor are we, I guess she just got off to a racing start in those first 6 months and got upto, and above, the 75th percentile, and now that she's onto jars of food and bits and pieces of fresh food, her weight gain has slowed, but at least it's not stopped, or gone backwards!
Olga still breastfeeds her first thing in the morning when she comes to bed with us for an hour or two, but then it's only a combination of fresh finger foods like porridge at breakfast time, cauliflower, tomato (I don't know how she does it), courgette, carrot, brocolli, strawberry etc.. with jars of baby food, which sounds as ,if not more, exotic than things Olga & I eat... I fed her a jar of apricot and butternut squash risotto on Tuesday, washed down with a strawberry yoghurt.  Then it's a breastfeeding session after her bath and before bedtime.  Olga does report that Lara's appetite is increasing, she's moved from eating half a small jar of "main course" and the same of "dessert" to all of a small jar of mains and most of a dessert this week.  We've started buying the "Stage 2" larger jars of baby food now, with bigger chunks of things like pasta in them.
We're mixing in some home-cooked ingredients too, Olga's made a fish stew and Lara's seemed to enjoy that. We had trout last night and have saved some morsels for Lara for lunch today (fish on Friday!). 
We both think there is definitely a tooth on the way, in fact we're sure it's the lower left front tooth, we can pretty much see the top of it almost ready to poke through her gum. She's showing all the good signs - sucking fingers and thumb a lot, salivating more than normal, and not much of the bad signs, like sleepness nights and general grumpiness.  Her sleeping was a little disturbed last week, but Olga sensibly wasn't messing around too much with trying to get her back to sleep in the nursery, she just took Lara straight back to bed with her, seeing as I was away. Lara also developed a bit of a cold towards the end of last week, but Olbas Oil was enough to clear her nose and allow her to sleep.  I came back on Saturday, and since then her sleeping has been much better, if not perfect, so we jokingly think that she was missing Dad last week. Given the fact her teeth should be bothering her, these last three or four nights she's been very good at sleeping. We've put her down between 7.30 and 8.30 and she's usually woken once before we go to bed, but it's only taken one of us a few minutes to get her back to sleep, then she hasn't woken at all during the wee small hours, until 5am.  On Wednesday morning she woke at 5.04am, yesterday it was 5.05am and this morning is was 5.10am, she had a lie-in!  I do wonder what it is that wakes her at almost exactly the same time every day! Isn't Mother Nature a wonderful thing?
Olga thinks that for once we have got a daily routine working, and this is causing Lara to sleep more consistently during the day, she has one sleep after breakfast, usually around 9am, for around half an hour, another after lunch - I can't remember how long this one normally is, but not more than an hour, then another after her tea, around 5pm, for an hour or so. I'll try to convince Olga to write a post with a more accurate timetable!
So we're happy that we're on track with Lara's feeding and sleeping routine for when she starts nursery on September 8th, we're sure there will be tears to start with, but Lara seems to love the company of other children, so perhaps it won't be as upsetting as we're imagining. The nursery is only a 1 minute drive from our office, so if she really is inconsolable, it's not a big effort to get Mum & daughter back together. I'm talking about Olga of course, Lara will too busy kissing the boys in the nursery!

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