Monday, 7 July 2008

Lara Update

I was just beginning to wade through the Russia photos and found this one, definitely one of my favourites. It was taken during bathtime in the banya at Baba Shura's house.
Olga took Lara to Baby Massage as usual on Friday morning, and there was a set of scales there, so Olga weighed Lara, she was 17lbs exactly. After Baby Massage there was a Baby Singing session. Considering Lara now has a drum and a xylophone at home, perhaps a career in music beckons (as well as professional tennis and Russo-British Mediation and Translation).
Lara's favourite food currently, apart from Mum Juice, is yoghurt. We've found she prefers raspberries to strawberries, and is getting good at drinking water from her beaker.
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