Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Lara's appetite

Lara's eating more diverse things now; last night for supper it was an apricot flavour yoghurt thingy, which was the foodstuff that has made the least mess so far. Olga spent some time in the kitchen preparing food for this week - broccoli & courgette will be on the menu, along with the usual carrot, banana and baby rice.
She's also sleeping very well. She had a late night on Sunday, when she didn't go to sleep till nearly 10pm, and I'd needed to give her calpol on Saturday night, but as usual that worked within 10 minutes, even without Mum's milk which usually ensures she's asleep within minutes. However, once she's off to sleep - normally around 7.30ish - she's staying that way until between 5-6am, although these last few days it's been after 6am, like this morning. Then she's also having good naps too during the day, like an hour and a half in bed with us on Sunday, which means she's rarely being grumpy at the moment. Famous last words....

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