Tuesday, 24 June 2008

I know, I know, I'm slow at updating this!

It's Tuesday already, where has all the time gone?! What have we been up to? Well, on Saturday I played cricket, which was a miracle given the weather at 10.30am. We scored 103 all out, with my contribution being a massive zero from three balls, batting at number three. I'm saying I was rusty after a month away from the game. 103 doesn't seem like a big total, but when you've played for The Green for a few years, you learn that on a damp, overcast day it won't be a formality to chase that down. Indeed it wasn't, as we bowled Amersham Hill out for only 92. A very satisfying result, given that they were a vocal bunch in the field, commenting on our slow run rate, and the most vocal of them was given out LBW first ball by his own umpire. Oh, I smiled!
Olga and Lucy went out for a meal and a few drinks on Saturday night; Olga was subjected to a chat-up line that involved the line "You're so beautiful, I'm trembling", to which she replied "You should be".
Sunday was a nice quiet day, some housework, a nice afternoon nap, some work in the garden then popping over to Reading to take Lucy home and see Anton, Becca and Eve. It was supposed to be an early night, but the evening was lovely so we lit up the fire in the firepit outside and watched the end of the Italy-Spain game, then watched a programme about Louis Theroux learning to gamble in Las Vegas - the wireless speakers I bought on eBay worked a treat so we could watch TV from outside, by the fire, with the door closed so the smoke didn't get into the house, but still listen to the programme.
Seeing as we missed an early night on Sunday, and I need to mow the lawns and can't do that if I only get home from work at 6pm, we thought we'd have an early night last night, but this time we got sidetracked by a programme on Sky One about Justin Lee Collins trying to become a professional darts player... I know how it sounds, but I like him and it was funnier than it sounds, but it meant that the early night vanished again, although I did still get up early, as planned, this morning.
Getting up at 6.15am rather than 7.30am is so much easier when the weather is nice outside. Lara was awake at 6.15 and very happy, so much so that I don't think she had breakfast and went back to sleep when I brought her up to Olga. I took Mishka out at 7, I'd been lookikng forward to the mornings when I could walk him with putting a hat, scarf & coat on! We're busy at work at the moment, and I wanted to get in early so I could get things done then leave by 4pm so I can mow the lawns (OK, start mowing, it's a two-evening job!). I'm on the bus today so Olga can have to car to take Lara swimming in Marlow; yup, when you need the bus to be on time it was 15 minutes late and standing room only...

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