Thursday, 8 May 2008

The Russian Adventure - an Itinerary

Now that I've got my Russian Business Visa and Lara has her Tourist Visa, we can safely release the details of the itinerary. I'll prepare a nice powerpoint presentation about it like I did for our USA Tour in 2005, but for the moment, here are the basics:
  • Sunday 25th May: We've got a room at a Travelodge close to Heathrow
  • Monday 26th May: 9.30am BMI flight from Heathrow to Moscow Domodedovo airport
  • Monday - Wednesday: Stay in Moscow
  • Wednesday 28th May (Happy Birthday Mum): 5.48pm train on the Trans-Siberian Railway, First Class cabin to Tyumen
  • Friday 30th May: 4.38am arrival in Tyumen
  • Friday - Sunday: Meet & Greet with Olga's family and friends in Tyumen
  • Monday 2nd - Friday 6th June: Chris is working in the Tigress office, Olga & Lara go to Lesnoy to meet up with Babooshka Luda (Olga's Mum!)
  • Saturday 7th June: Chris takes the train to Ekaterinburg to meet up with Olga, Lara & Luda and we all travel to Petrokamensk
  • Sunday 8th - Saturday 14th June: Staying with Olga's Grandma in her village (no running hot water but lots of fresh air and nature)
  • Saturday 14th June: Drive to Ekaterinburg, staying one night.
  • Sunday 15th June: 1.10pm BMI flight direct back to Heathrow


Anonymous said...

You've forgotten "Get arrested after 2 litres of vodka and thrown in the gulag...."

Chris Armstrong said...

Olga will keep me on the straight and narrow.. .oh, apart from that week I'm in Tyumen and she's in Lesnoy. Ah.