Monday, 19 May 2008

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Tribe

We went to the Saunton Sands Hotel in Devon this weekend for Oli & Jo's wedding, and very nice it was too.
The weather was a bit grey to start with, but considering that the forecast on the TV in the morning was for "potential, torrential thunderstorms in Devon and Cornwall" there was hardly a drop of rain all day, it was mild, and the sun even came out from time to time.
Lara was very well behaved all day. She's discovered that she likes playing with TV remote controls, especially ones she can fit into her mouth. The ceremony was at 12.30, and sometimes we can get Lara off to sleep around that time at home, but we weren't over-confident on Saturday. She started whinging about 12.15, which is a good sign she's tired, but when we filtered into the room for the ceremony, we hung at the back, ready to make a quick exit if needed. However, Lara had clearly read the script, and fell asleep in her car seat about a minute before Jo came in, and she slept the whole way though, apart from to give her Dad a dirty look for applauding too loudly after the "you may kiss the bride" part.
She enjoyed the drinkies reception before the Wedding Breakfast, and is learning how to handle a champagne flute, which might or might not be a good sign. The hotel had provided a high chair for her at our table, and she was OK in that until we were between the starter and main course, at which time I took her out of the room in her car seat and convinced her that it was time for an afternoon nap, which meant we were able to eat the main course and dessert in peace. Naturally she wanted to be awake for the speeches though!
She joined us for the start of the evening reception at 7.30, but after the happy couple's first dance we thought it was time she retired for the night. We had taken our baby monitor with us, so Olga was able to put her to bed in our room and come back with the monitor - there were times that I felt like a security guard with my walkie-talkie, but it was definitely a good idea. We had one false alarm during the evening, which caused Olga to dash back to the room, but all was quiet. Lara did wake up around midnight, and the monitor picked this up, but after a touch of Calpol and a midnight snack, she was back off to sleep and Olga and I did the modern-parent thing and took a large whiskey, a glass of wine and the monitor out onto the terrace for a relaxing nightcap. Lara thoughtfully had a lie-in until nearly 6am the next morning before demanding breakfast in bed (our bed, to be precise). We reciprocated though by waking her from a deep sleep at 8.30 when it was time for the adults to go and have their nice big fry-up.
The weather on Sunday morning was much nicer than Saturday, and a walk down on the beach seemed the right thing to do, as much to test out the all-terrain qualities of the Quinny pram (good on compacted sand, not so good on loose, dry sand).
We stopped off to see Anton, Becca and Eve on the way home, where Becca took a good photo - see it here on their blog.
Above are some photos from the day. I also used my old film camera for some photos, so as soon as I've finished the film and got it developed (how quaint!) I'll post them too.

(the view from one of the hotel rooms, not ours sadly, on Sunday)

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